Maternity Belt

                  Hello Readers I am currently pregnant with my third baby. I'm super excited and have been experiencing some back pain. So I started looking into options for back support while pregnant. Luckily enough I was asked to review a back belt for pregnancy. Information about the... Continue Reading →

Sport Armband for iPhone 6 Review

  Hello Readers   What I like:   It can fit your phone and some money or a house key Keeps moisture out It has a night reflector    How I used it:   I used it for lifting weights my cardio workout Also while jumping rope    I received this armband for free to review... Continue Reading →

Beets BLU Scale

Hello Readers I was asked to do a product review on the Beets BLU wireless scale. I have been trying to track my  weight since I'm pregnant and only want to gain the amount of weight i should gain during my pregnancy! The coolest thing about the scale, is that it contacts to your phone.... Continue Reading →

Limm High Speed Jump Rope

Hello Readers Today, I test and reviewed a Limm jump rope. Watch my video to see my review live. I received this product for free to tested out.   What i liked: The handles feel great I love red anything It's adjustable Easy to travel with What I used it for: My cardio workouts Here... Continue Reading →

Child Window Sun Shades

  Hello Reader's Update on Product use: I got the sun shades in August of 2017,  when I first received them. My son (who is 2)  broke them, a week ago. They are very durable in my option and expression with them. They are work well and have last a long time. Check out a... Continue Reading →

Mamaway Sling Baby Carrier Review

Hello Readers I received this Mamaway Baby Sling Carrier for free to review for my honest option.   I have put my thought into a video below. I also have a few photos of it in action.  A bit of information about the sling in more details.  Below are some photos of the Mamaway Baby sling... Continue Reading →

MEIGO Magnetic Blocks

  Hello everyone, Here are some photo's of the blocks: I have had these blocks for a month and my kids really liked them and enjoyed playing with them. Watch the video below, please! Here is some information on MEIGO magnetic  blocks right from themselves. 51 Pieces Magnetic Set: The stacking blocks for preschool... Continue Reading →

Felt Letter Board 10X10

  Hello Everyone, Product Information: 💪HANDMADE PERFECT QUALITY LETTER BOARD -10x10" Changeable letter board is made of high-quality solid oak, secured by a sturdy frame joint and reinforced with thick, sturdy decorative staples, eliminating the need to worry about frame scatter. The high quality and compact felt ensures that the 3⁄4 Inches letter remains the... Continue Reading →

FUNUS Big Water Bottle 1.3-2.2L

  Hello Everyone, This water bottle is a life safer. It very easy to use and you can add fruit to it. The best part is that the water doesn't taste like plastic. The bottle is BPA free and it's made from triton plastic. Here is a video of me using the bottle: More... Continue Reading →

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